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Note: Minimum order value $ 860.00
Note: Minimum order value $ 860.00


Why replace every year when you can do it every 20 years? Compatible with all water heaters.

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Hot water heater anode

Do you want to prevent rust in your hot water heater?

At Anodefactory you will find hot water heater anodes in different dimensions, materials and brands.

Hot water heater anode rods are installed to increase the lifetime of your water heater, so you don't have to spend time and money on maintenance and repairs. With a hot water heater anode rod you avoid rust in your hot water heater, all you have to do is replace the anode rod over time.

How often to change hot water heater anode rod?

Recommended is to take a look at your anode in between to see how much has been consumed, recommended is to change the anode at 50% consumption.

How does a sacrificial hot water heater anode work?

The anode has one purpose, which is to sacrifice itself and protect the hot water heater from corrosion. The anode is a piece of alloyed metal attached to the metal surface, in this case the thread of the water heater. When the anode is screwed on, it gives off a protection against corrosion in the hot water heater.

The sacrificial anode is the alloyed metal that will be consumed, which means you won't have a hot water heater that has corroded. Once the sacrificial anode has been used up, it can be replaced quickly and easily, which is a quicker and cheaper solution than replacing the hot water heater.

Zinc anode or magnesium anode for water heaters?

As water heaters are often filled with fresh water, cadmium-free Zinc Anode or Magnesium Anode reduces the risk of rust in the water heater.

In our range you will also find an electrical option of anode rod for water heaters. Our electric anode rod is available for most different hot water heaters, the electric anode is universal which means that it is flexible to use regardless of  water type in the hot water heater. You can find our electric anode here.

Does you water heater anode look like this?

Hot Water Heater

Your hot water heater has faithfully fulfilled its role in safeguarding against sulfur smells and corrosion. However, to maintain this protection, periodic replacement of the anode is essential. Keep an eye on your anode's condition; if it resembles the image or if you detect any unusual odors, it's time for a replacement. Rest assured, you'll find the perfect replacement anode right here at Anodefactory.

Need help with your hot water heater anode replacement?
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